Friday, September 28, 2012

"We've Got Mail" from Idiazabal, Cordoba in Argentina!

Well our students have received their first emails from our friends in Idiazabal and I cannot wait until Thursday when they actually get their mail.  I'll spend the day with Marlyn and her students as they write their replies.  There's so much to learn about life in Argentina, I hope our students are as excited as we are!

It's probably a good thing that no one sees us as we Skye with Analia and Ayelen, we are like little children in a toy store!!  We talk and laugh and ask lots of questions. The time flies!  Before we know it, we've been skyping for 2 hours sometimes!  Along the way we've met both Analia's and Ayelen's family and taken pictures too!

Here are Analia, the computer teacher and Ayelen, the English teacher.  These two are the greatest, we are so lucky to have found them!! You've got to love how technology makes the world so much smaller!!

And here's Ayelen's family who joined us for a few minutes this evening!

Can you tell we are having a great time?

We also shot some video using Jing to capture the story of the Grand Opening of the new library at their school, Instituto Jose Maria Paz. Ayelen's uncle played a huge part in getting it funded through revenues from a book he wrote about his struggle through some very difficult times in Argentina. It's almost 5 minutes long and I'm having some trouble loading it but will continue to troubleshoot.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get it figured out.

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