Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tool #3 - Finding Online Video and Image Resources

This is a fascinating video on Whole Brain teaching in an Algebra I class.

After viewing this lesson, I had to get some more info on this Whole Brain Power Teaching thing. So here are the 6 basic features demonstrated.

I found both of these videos on YouTube and it was very easy to embed them. Discovery Education also has lots of videos that would be great to incorporate into lessons.

Still playing with embedding videos so here's a link to Slope Dude , a video I found on teacher tube!

Next I wanted to see if I could embed a video from Discovery Education. I was able to do it by first downloading the video. It landed in my documents in the download folder.  To embed it, click on the 'insert a video' icon and navigate to the download folder in My Documents to select it. So the moral of the story is - if you cab download it, you can embed it!

Copyright and fair use regulations...Glad to know there are exceptions for teachers and students!  As long as we repurpose and/or add value to a copyrighted piece we can use it for educational purposes. Also if we are using a legal copy or reproduction of a legal copy AND can answer YES to each of these questions below, we are within our rights. 
Will the copyrighted work be performed or displayed in 1) the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a 2) non-profit institution in a 3) classroom or similar place devoted to instruction?

I have a Dropbox account and shared a folder of 8 files with the MHS staff as part of our Jan 3 staff development. All of the MHS teachers should now have a Dropbox account! I use Dropbox when I am collaborating with colleagues o presentations.

The Eiffel Tour is one of those great landmarks in the world.  Here's a pic I downloaded from a Picasa Web Album using Creative Commons.  Just wish I could claim it as my own!  

There are so many high quality photos on Picasa that could bring imagery to the classroom.  I'll start here from now on when searching for pictures!

Check out Photo Pin for a super easy way to get free pics (Creative Commons) on your blog.   


  1. I watched the slope (Whole Brain Teaching)video and I want to go to CA and teach Algebra I now!!! That style of teaching is so me! Don't worry. I'll stay here and be the Librarian for a while longer - LOL

  2. There is SOOO much good content out there! It is such an amazing time to be a teacher!

    Think you need to go back to Paris and attempt an even better image that you CAN call your own!

  3. Whole Brain teaching, great concept. Using a variety of teaching methods and great involvement by the students. Students seem to really enjoy learning.