Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool #5 - Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

Here are some ideas on how Wordle could be used in the classroom.

1. What is important on your school campus? Copy and paste your schools mission and vision statements into Wordle and find out.
2. Self Reflection; If you where to write a story about yourself, what would your Wordle say?
3. Current Study posters. What is curricularly important in your class this week? Create a Wordle that visualizes that.

Here's my Wordle. 

Animoto allows for images, video clips, text and music to be used to create a video. Students and teachers can use this tool to jazz up any presentation.

Here's the Animoto video I created.


  1. Who is that in the water-skiing video - is that you???
    Like your Wordle :) Notice that SUPPORTIVE is the largest component. I totally agree.

    1. It's my niece from Indianapolis in the video. It was her first time to ever water ski!

  2. I think this wordle is clever and very eye appealing. I particularly like the questions that she created to go along with the wordle.

  3. This wordle looks great! I might have my Algebra 2 Pre-AP students make one as a vocab exercise.

  4. Your "wordle" was certainly characteristic of you. I loved it. I cannot think of another characteristic, except "a helpful friend."

  5. I like the Wordle. I have never seen this before.

  6. Like the wordle and the questions you have to go along with it.