Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tool #8 - Taking a Look at the Tools

As an iPhone and MacBook Pro user at home, I'm pretty familiar with the functions of the Apple devices already but am looking forward to using the iPad with students.  It's nice to know that the SBISD Ed Tech page has a place to search for APPS by grade level and content area.

Nice to know that the net books can be directly connected to a projector and they have a webcam and an SD card reader.  Makes it easy for students to create and communicate, I can hardly wait!  My Technology Think Tank group will be ready to rock and roll with these devices!

Getting a tech management system in place in classrooms will be important and I have confidence that our students will be more than happy to comply.  Having a visible storage area that can be easily checked at a glance would be my 1st recommendation.  It will also be important to label the devices with a classroom number.  I also like the idea of designating some technology managers in each class to check out and then check in the devices each period.

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