Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool #4 - Moving Up to the Clouds

Below is a link to a form I created in Google Docs. Feel free to answer my survey at any time!

11 Tools Survey

Google forms make it easy to survey and collect data from teachers on campus. I created a Google form when we needed to know what types of training teachers wanted on ActivInsire and other Activ devices.  Google Docs make collaborating with colleagues seamless. Two heads are always better than one and with Google Docs, there are no emails flying back and forth. We can capture the best ideas from everyone in one place in real time! I introduced my Tech Think Tank students to Google Docs at our first meeting and they loved it! We are communicating through a Google doc in between meetings. I look forward to continuing to use the forms and documents in Google Docs with these students!


  1. You should so send this out on April 1 or there-about. Great survey. You know, Google really is the 8th wonder of the world...

  2. I like the survey you created. I didn't answer the questions but the variety of questions will help me when I create one myself!